Adobe Chief Software Architect has an iPhone, says “ask Apple” about Flash

So, I’m sitting with Kevin Lynch, Chief Software Architect at Adobe, is proudly showing off his iPhone. That led me to ask “will we see Flash on the iPhone?” He said that I’d have to call Apple to find out about that.

UPDATE: a little later I was trying to play one of Kongregate’s games and it is taking a long time to load cause our wireless network in the bus is not consistently good (that’s how a corporate employee would say “it sucks”). So I turn to Kevin and say “if the iPhone DID have Flash, how would you make games load fast on it even when you’re using AT&T’s Edge network?” He quickly answered “I’d use AIR [Adobe’s Integrated Runtime] to cache the game locally.” Then we had a good laugh as he realized his words were going out over the Internet over the streaming video here and that his words might be construed as something official on behalf of Adobe (it’s not, but it was a fun moment nonetheless).

Why do I keep talking about the iPhone? Well, there are six iPhones on this bus. That shows how quickly Apple has excited the top geeks inside Adobe.

We’re streaming live on Ustream. Come join us.


Coming into Portland on the Adobe bus

We’re rolling into Portland, Oregon. The ride has been mostly boring so far — I’ve seen very little of the scenery, been head down in email and feed reading. Some geek talk. But not much going on other than trying to answer some email. There’s a few people building apps, but it took some time just getting the infrastructure of the bus (wireless, GPS, etc) working well. Now everything has settled in and we’re about to pick up Kevin Lynch, Adobe executive. That’s when I’ll turn on my camera and get an interview.

Anyway, you can track our progress, we have about three more hours to go to Seattle so we should get in at about 10 p.m. tonight. We’re on Twitter, on live streaming video, and our progress is being tracked by an app that gets data from the GPS on the front of the bus.

Call us up and say hi. 425-205-1921.

UPDATE: here’s a TwitterGram (30 second MP3 audio clip) where I ask four geeks in the bus what they think about Twitter vs. Pownce.

Hottest game site on the Web on my show

[podtech content= &totalTime=498000&breadcrumb=6308a29a10114491b120ab0bf88b7ad7]

Rocky just got up the videos I did with Jim Greer, co-founder of Kongregate. They have more than 1,000 games up. Really great stuff. Their traffic in May was 300,000 unique visitors and in June it was 750,000.

Anyway, Jim was the technical director, now owned by Electronic Arts. That site has my brother-in-law totally addicted. Jim and I talk about that, and other video game trends. Women. Casual gaming. What Steve Jobs might do with the iPhone. (At one point I hint that Steve Jobs should buy Kongregate, which gets us both to have a good laugh, but in hindsight that would be an awesome idea).

There’s three videos:

1. Interview with Jim and his sister, who also is a co-founder.
2. Demo of what Kongregate is along with some of his favorite games so you can see what all the hoohaw is about. (Embedded here).
3. An Editor’s Choice video where Rocky gives you just the highlights of the above.