PodTech videos work great on iPhone

PodTech’s videos work great on the iPhone. You just need to download the iPod versions of the videos. Here’s a few vids you should watch:

Here’s the final seconds before they let Patrick into the store. iPhone/iPod version.

A new programming language for teaching people how to program. iPhone/iPod version.

Matt Kelly gets a tour of the GM Heritage Center talking about Corvettes. Matt has a cool job, gets to see all the coolest car stuff. iPhone/iPod version.

Loren Feldman talks Presidential Politics about Michael Bloomberg’s chances. I love Loren, gets right to the point. iPhone/iPod version.


A very interesting conversation with the founder/Chief Scientist of VMWare (he teaches computer science at Stanford University). iPhone/iPod version.

Anyway, there’s a ton of other great video over on PodTech.net with a variety of different shows from environmental shows, to lots of shows about new technology.

Every day I put a new video up on ScobleShow, too. For those of you who are new here, I interview geeks and tech executives. Since starting my show I’ve interviewed more than 200 interesting people about where the tech industry is headed. You can put download and watch all those on your iPhone.


Welcome to the iCult

Mark Graham, SVP, Technology, iVilliage with his new iPhone

So, we’re having a birthday party for Maryam today and I was at the store getting some ice and last minute things when Mark Graham, senior vice president at iVillage (a Website aimed at women) came up to me with this big grin showing off his iPhone.

He showed some other people entering the store what the iPhone does. This is going to be the real key to success. Whether the phone remains a conversation piece and whether those conversations lead to real customers.

Today at the party we’ll have a bunch of non cult members over (ie, those who think it’s idiotic to wait in line for two days to buy a device). That’ll give us a chance to see how it plays with them and give us an idea of how fast the iCult will grow.

Come back later for some video looks on my Kyte channel.

Mark is also the general manager of astrology.com, one of the world’s most popular astrology sites, owned by NBC Universal. Seems sort of fitting that he’d be the first “iCult” member I’d run into.

Oh, one other iCult member, Dave Winer, has been texting a lot with Patrick. Turns out the texting app is very addictive. I wish Apple would offer free texting to and from any iPhone. The iCult is already very expensive and I can tell it’ll get even more expensive if I have to increase the text messaging plan on our family plan.