Flash Developers: welcome to video.Maru

Dan Florio is a Flash developer who works up at Microsoft on the Xbox team. Forget where he works for a second because that really has no impact on what we’re talking about here.

He’s created a ton of custom Flash video interfaces which lead him to develop a tool for other Flash designers/developers to make their job easier called video.Maru.

He just released a major update of the tool and based on some of his testimonials I expect it’ll be a big hit for Flash developers.

He wrote me that the only thing he gets out of this is the notoriety for creating this and the “satisfaction of giving back to the Flash community which has helped me so much in my career.”


Photography sharing site CEO reviews of iPhones

Don MacAskill, CEO of SmugMug (a photo sharing service) writes “the iPhone is magic.”
Thomas Hawk, CEO of Zooomr (another photo sharing service) writes “it pretty much rocks.”

And yet the Nokia folks continue their attacks. I wonder why, if the Nokia N95 has a superior camera (it does) why CEOs of photo sharing sites (both avid photographers in their own rights too) would be so rabid about an iPhone (Thomas even had a LOT of activation problems over the weekend so has an extra excuse to hate the iPhone).

Dave Winer has something cool coming tomorrow

I’ve been playing with Dave Winer’s TwitterGram, which is coming tomorrow — as soon as it’s up I’ll link to it. It’s a cool way to record an audio message for your Twitter fans from your cell phone. This is going to be killer for me because I am driving so much between interviews. This way I can do a short report from my cell phone after doing an interview like the one I did with Kongregate’s founders this afternoon.