Watch the debates with geeks

Dan Farber, Steve Gillmor, Andrew Keen, Keith Teare and I are watching the presidential YouTube/CNN debates together. Watch us live as we react. Where are we? At Mike Arrington’s house (he’s not here, but Heather, TechCrunch’s CEO is here). We’re filming for Gillmor’s Bad Sinatra.

UPDATE: John Edwards is streaming live on


Meet Plazes “where are you” founder

Over on ScobleShow we just uploaded a neat interview with Plazes founder, Felix Petersen, and he also gives us a demo of this service that lets you share your location with your friends.

I’ve embedded the demo here, but the interview explains a lot more why this service is getting popular around the world.

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VC looks behind the numbers of social networks

Jeremy Liew is a venture capitalist with Lightspeed Partners and is becoming one of my favorite VC blogs. Anyway, tonight he digs into the usage numbers of the top social networks. I learned some interesting things. First, Facebook isn’t most popular. I already knew that. MySpace is used WAY more often (my brother, Ben, is on MySpace). Second, that Google’s Orkut usage is higher, even in the US, than I expected.

I have some theories about all these numbers. I might do a video for my Facebook friends in the morning, but gotta get some sleep first.