Live video streaming gets hotter…

I’m seeing cameras pop up all over the place (he’s handing them out to a number of people I’ve met lately). I bet that at this week’s TechCrunch party you’ll be able to watch at least 10 streams from people walking around.

Tomorrow John Edwards will be on Ustream after the CNN debates, Jeremiah Owyang announces. I wonder who’ll get more traffic? John Edwards or Chris Pirillo who also has a streaming video show?


It’s a small world, congrats to Scott (both of them)

Scott Hanselman is one of the most talented “programmer bloggers” out there. He’s been pretty heavy on Microsoft stuff for years, which is fine cause there’s millions of developers who care about .NET and all that which is in Microsoft’s ecosystem.

Today he announced he’s going to Microsoft to work for Scott Guthrie. People who work inside Microsoft tell me Scott’s organization is one that really is rocking and rolling (I saw that for myself over the years — Guthrie is one of those people who, when you meet him, makes you feel good about where Microsoft is going).

Anyway, this post would be fine if it ended up at just “congrats to Scott and Scott.”

But there’s more to this story.

Hanselman works with my brother up in Portland and he works with another guy I’ve known since the early 1990s: Phil Weber. Both were at the blogger dinner. I’ve known Hanselman since the 1990s when I helped plan Visual Basic Insiders’ Technical Summits too.

It’s a small world and getting smaller.

Microsoft just got another great guy. Reminds me again of Don Box, Chris Sells, and so many others who are working over in building 42. Can’t wait to hear more about what they are all working on. I’m already subscribed to Hanselman’s blog, so I’m sure that’ll be a good place for info about what that wild crew is working on.

Application usage changes in the past week

About a week ago there were only about 200 of my Facebook friends who were sharing feeds on Google Reader. Today about 900 are, out of about 3,600 total. You know what changed.

This app has already helped me find some great new feeds. It’s interesting to see what you all are reading and sharing through Google Reader.

That app has gotten a lot better in the past week too, so I wonder what the numbers will be a week from now?

By the way, I’ve removed some apps from my Facebook Profile to make my profile even more useful to you.

What makes Facebook more useful than other social networks? The application platform and you have to look no further than the Google Reader Shared Items Application to see why.

UPDATE: hmmm, now I know why Microsoft was rumored to be buying Facebook. Turns out there’s already more than 17,000 employees on Facebook (that’s out of 70,000 employees).