CrossLoop uses and Google Maps on its blog

I’m noticing a lot more of how companies are using Web 2.0 stuff on their Web pages lately. I’m sitting with Mrinal Desai, VP of Sales and Business Development and co-founder of CrossLoop. CrossLoop does simple screen sharing for free. Built on a P2P architecture. Lets you do customer or family tech support for free. Really great service.

He found me on Facebook and started a conversation with me there.

But if you look at CrossLoop’s blog they have a bar where they keep track of all the bloggers who are talking about CrossLoop. He uses Google’s Blog Search to find people who are talking about their product, then he puts them into, tags them, and that gets thrown automatically into a widget on CrossLoop’s Web page. He can leave comments underneath each URL too by leaving a note in He’s using’ links widget. You could do the same thing on your blog.

Oh, and if you click on “WW User Stories Mappd” on the right side of CrossLoop’s blog you’ll find another cool Web 2.0 device: a map that shows user testimonials. Whenever he sees a testimonial written on a blog, he contacts that blogger or customer, and asks them for where they are located. Then he uses Google’s My Maps to enter their location. So he created his own “MyMap” to promote how he’s getting global coverage. Really cool.


My Jaiku interview getting praise

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Leo Laporte: “Great interview.”

You know, getting praise from your peers does matter a lot. I really appreciate it.

I had a lot of fun with Jaiku’s founders Jyri Engestrom and Petteri Koponen. Of course you can stick this on your iPhone too!

I’d like to get around to Twitter and Pownce too, not to mention Facebook. There’s always another interview to do!