Fake Steve decries “attacks”

Ahh, this is funny. Fake Steve has been attacking bloggers, including me, for months. It’s funny. I loved it. But now Fake Steve is angry that people are trying to figure out who he is and is angry at Valleywag for attacking him. Ahh, as the gossip mags turn. The drama is fun. Maybe Dave Slusher would rather read all this entertaining copy than discover a new tool that might help make him some more friends? Me? I think it’s funny they are now attacking each other.


New shiny things…

Dave Slusher says he unsubscribed from my blog and is getting off the hunt for new shiny things.

I guess he will definitely want to stay away from my link blog, then. I read hundreds of blogs looking for the best blog posts out there and put them on my link blog. Often those are posts about “new shiny things.”

Latest shiny thing post? Lifehacker has 10 cool things for Gmail.

Interesting to see the anti-shiny-thing backlash, though. Don’t know what I should do about it. Maybe I should write about printing presses. Antiques. Railroads. Or corded telephones. Or dead-tree media.


On the AIR bus

[podtech content=http://media1.podtech.net/media/2007/07/PID_011930/Podtech_AdobeAIRbusTour.flv&postURL=http://www.podtech.net/home/3617/on-air-bus-with-adobe &totalTime=1422000&breadcrumb=a9696b3ef7e140be889d3301da777279]

Remember the bus ride I took last week? Well, here’s the video of what the Adobe bus is all about. They are going to be in Dallas shortly. In the video are a ton of people: Kevin Lynch, SVP and Chief Software Architect at Adobe, Lee Brimelow, senior design technologist at Frog Design; Mike Chambers, senior product manager for developer relations; Mike Downey, group manager of platform evangelism; Ryan Stewart, rich Internet application evangelist; Andre Charland, co-founder of Nitobi; Kevin Hoyt, platform evangelist; and Ted Patrick, technical evangelist for Flex.

Thanks for inviting me on the bus Adobe. You can read more about the bus over at http://onair.adobe.com — it is traveling the US teaching developers all about Adobe’s latest developer platforms.

The discussion in the video is pretty lightweight until about 8 minutes in where I ask why Adobe AIR is so important to Adobe right now.