Gillmor Gang is dead…

Yo, Kent Newsome, didn’t you get the memo? Gillmor Gang is dead. More dead than Office is. More dead than links are. 😉 That said tomorrow some new gestures from Steve Gillmor are coming. It’ll be interesting to see what they are. He hasn’t shown me the show yet (is that a gesture of its own?), but it should be interesting. It just won’t be the Gillmor Gang.


If Chris Pirillo calls you…

Remember that he probably is on live TV and that you should behave. Here’s a recording of when he called me the day after we got our iPhones. I was just slightly too exuberant about the iPhone, but I still am very exuberant about it. As you can tell. 🙂

The conversation is good, though, cause Pirillo is skeptical and isn’t buying into my exuberance. I shouldn’t have been interrupting him so much, but I couldn’t hear him trying to talk cause the connection wasn’t that great.

I can’t wait to be at Gnomedex. Chris is doing the best live video stuff on the Internet right now. I wish I had more time to watch his show.

Sorry, I didn’t behave. Slightly not work safe, be warned.

Hmmm, Facebook: a new kind of press release

Patrick tries out on his iPhone

PR people pay attention.

I don’t answer email anymore. Too much of it.

But there’s one thing that gets passed to my Nokia phone: Facebook wall messages.

Anyone around me knows that occassionally my phone goes “beep, beep.” That’s Facebook (I only pass wall messages onto my phone via SMS).

Today we were walking around Babies R Us in Colma (buying baby stuff) and my phone went “beep, beep.” It was a Facebook message from Frank Roche. If you’re on my Facebook profile you can see it.

It says “Cool new iPhone app: Mock Dock”

I quickly turn to Patrick, say “try this out.” He tried it out and says “it’s cool.” I took a picture of Patrick using it and it, indeed, is cool. It’ll be the first thing I put on my iPhone when I get my own.

It’s a Web page that adds a ton of cool Web apps to your iPhone.

And now we have a new way for PR people to let me know about their apps. Write it on the wall please. Facebook: the new press release.

Oh, and you now know how to get my phone to go “beep, beep” too.

UPDATE: It’s 10:16 p.m., my phone just beeped so I headed over to Facebook to see what was just posted. Well, Otto Radke just posted on my Facebook wall: “if you liked checkout I prefer that over”

I’m already starting to be trained like a pavlovian dog. Beep beep brings good stuff. Mojits rocks.