All about the conversation

I love this photo of Dave Winer and my son, Patrick, deep in conversation yesterday during sunset. I’m uploading a ton of other photos right now to Flickr and SmugMug to compare those two services. More on those later but if you want to watch along my Flickr account is here and my SmugMug account is here.

Dave Winer and Patrick Scoble have a chat at sunset


8,001 items

I didn’t plan it this way, but the 8,000th item on my link blog is from Doc Searls.

Thank you to all the bloggers who have brought me so much interesting stuff over the last year or so. That’s a whole lot of hitting “Shift-S” on my keyboard (which is how I put items on my link blog).

By the way, I have about 200 Google Reader friends now and would love more: is the address to add.