Off to London…

See ya from London. Photowalking on Friday evening is something I’m looking forward to. Posting will be light until the 14th when we get back. Although “light” for me doesn’t mean much. I’ll have London’s wifi zones scoped out within a few minutes of arrival. 🙂

Seriously this should be an interesting trip. Milan (our 10 week old son) is going with us. Anyway, have fun and see you on the other side of the pond.


Blognation imploding?

This is a bummer, Blognation quickly rose to be one of my favorite blogs BECAUSE of who was writing for them (people like Marc Orchant and Oliver Starr). Now that system is imploding because funding never came through and a mess was created. I just visited the Blognation home page and it’s uncharacteristically empty (UPDATE: it now has content again).

Fascinating reading, but in my own experience I’ve learned that there’s only one thing that really matters in media development: revenues. If someone is promising you a free lunch (er funding) and you don’t have revenues to back it up that free lunch will either never happen (like in this case) or will end at some point in the future as investors tire of pouring money into something that will never make it. It’s not as easy to get revenues in the media business as it might look. Nearly every startup is going after advertising revenues and, so, will be your competitor. This is not a business for the faint of heart.

The news is being covered all over the place due to a letter from Oliver Starr to Sam Sethi, here’s the reports I’ve seen come through my news reader this morning:

O’Flaherty Blog
Stowe Bowd
Nicole Simon
Debi Jones

My heart goes out to all the Blognation bloggers who probably will never get a dime that was promised to them.

I’m leaving to go to London tonight. I’m sure that this will be the talk of the town at the geek dinner on Friday evening.

UPDATE: a friend of mine just told me that there’s a rumor going around that I’m joining Blognation as an employee. I can categorically deny that. I never considered working for Blognation and am not considering a job there. Just to clear that up.

Zuckerberg admits “mistakes” on Facebook’s Beacon

Posted to his Facebook blog.

Kudos to Zuckerberg for apologizing and admitting mistakes. That’s the sign of a real leader. Not many CEOs would use words like those.

UPDATE: My readers so far don’t agree that it demonstrates leadership, pointing out that this is modus operandi by Zuckerberg. Me? I backed off cause I see that people just don’t care about this issue the way that I do.