Getting underneath design

Some cool videos about design. First Gizmodo linked to TED Videos (those things rock, you should watch them all) recording of Philippe Starck, famous designer.

Me? I got some interesting stuff with a company named “EffectiveUI.” Don’t know who they are? They designed some of the coolest Web apps out there, including ones for eBay and a host of other famous names. I did three separate videos with EffectiveUI.

1. Demo of the eBay app they built and a discussion of rich Internet applications.
2. An interview with senior developer, RJ Owen, about the design process.
3. An interview with the president of EffectiveUI, where I learn more about what EffectiveUI does and its approach to design. We also talk about Microsoft Silverlight vs. Adobe Flash/Flex/AIR.

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Why I said “mugnormous” the other day

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TechCrunch has the skinny behind the new SmugMug. I’ll have a video up soon (hopefully today, although since I’m in London might be next week sometime) that shows off this new UI. It’s stunning and puts SmugMug squarely at the front of the photo sharing sites.

Actually, I got it wrong. SmugMug calls it “SmugMungous.” Wait until you see the demo going across two 30-inch monitors. The UI here BLOWS AWAY all the other photo sharing sites. Hopefully more Web 2.0 companies will follow their lead and build scalable UI’s.

Oh, and they have a new iPhone version out too.

UPDATE: Here’s the video, which is a tour of SmugMug where we see a bunch of stuff. The demo of the new SmugMug starts at about 11:42.