Justin.tv watch out

Tonight I was over Rocky’s house and got a message that I could download the new Qik video streaming service to my cell phone. Cool, “let’s try it,” I said to myself.

It only took a minute to download and install.

Now there’s a “qik” icon in my applications folder. Click on it on my Nokia N95. A video window pops up, says “connected” and there’s a button called “stream.” I push that and this is the result. Rocky realizes that it truly is live, albeit with a five-second delay.

Holy s**t. I can stream live video to you now from anywhere at anytime. No longer do I need to wait for Kyte, Seesmic, or other services to upload videos.

I push that button and the live stream turns to a recorded video. Instantly.

Freaking amazing. Wait until I hook this sucker up with Twitter.

Imagine being at a conference, telling people “visit my Qik” and turning this on so they all could watch.

My world has just changed. Thanks Qik! Watch my page for some more videos coming later today.

The quality isn’t the best, but it’s watchable and that’s all we really need considering that video is coming to you over a cell phone connection.