Fake Steve Jobs hoaxes TechMeme/bloggers

It’s all over TechMeme that Fake Steve Jobs has lawyers after him. This is so obviously a hoax it’s laughable. I bet that not a single blogger bothered calling Apple PR to check this story out. We are such suckers sometimes.

I don’t even need to call. First of all, anyone who knows lawyers knows that they’d never send out such communications the weekend before Christmas. Lawyers don’t work then. Can we have some common sense please?

Second of all, Apple PR would never pull such a stunt like this right before taking a week off for Christmas. It’d cause too much work over the Christmas break. Can we have some common sense please?


Serves you right for believing a single thing that Fake Steve Jobs writes. The dude is FAKE. Get it? You probably believed it when he wrote he loved me, didn’t you? Can we have some common sense please?

Bloggers, when are we going to stop repeating things just so we can get onto TechMeme? When are we going to start doing real work and start calling PR (I bet most of the bloggers on TechMeme don’t even know how to contact Apple PR) and waiting for a confirmation?

At least Scott Karp called it right.

If you believe a fake blogger you deserve all the slime attached to you that you get.