Thanks Matt for the snow!

Cool little feature on snow! You’ll see it if you visit my blog and look at the photo of me. Matt Mullenweg gives the details.

To everyone, happy holidays and thanks for a great year! Hope you’re having a good one with your family and, if not, there’s always Twitter!

Oh, and if you have some young ones at home you can show them where Santa is, thanks to Norad and Google.

Advertisement from London, RSS reader to beat Google Reader?

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Here’s the interview I did with Nick Halstead of Does he convince you to give up your RSS reader? The lockin on RSS readers is so strong for me that I can’t move. But there’s still a lot of people who will need an RSS reader. Does have a chance against bigger, more entrenched RSS readers like NewsGator, Bloglines, or Google Reader (which is really gaining momentum now)?

Interview done during the geek dinner. That’s why I carry my camera with me cause sometimes I get pitched so well that I just have to get it on tape.