Kyte announces funding, new features

Kyte just announced a B-round of funding from Telefonica, Nokia, DoCoMo, Swisscom, Holtzbrinck and DFJ of $15 million, adding on to an earlier round of $2.25 million. Whew, the video space is really heating up.

But more significant than the money is the distribution. Telefonica has 230 million users. DoCoMo has 52 million. Nokia has 39% of the cell phone market share. If the Kyte player is embedded on these three it brings a HUGE audience to Kyte.

Also, they showed me a channel that rapper 50 Cent is doing. It has, within a few weeks, passed my channel to gain the #1 spot on Kyte. More celebrity deals are in the offing, CEO Daniel Graf told me. They also shipped a new iPhone version and demonstrated an even more feature rich version coming in January.

Kyte also has an API so that partners can integrate its technology into their own sites and my favorite new feature is that now you can produce video from the player itself without going over to Kyte.

How did he announce it? In a live video conference on Kyte, of course. We cover the new funding and the new feature set there. I did a separate video over on my streaming channel with my cell phone first because that let me do it live and streaming. Graf told me they are working on a streaming feature like Qik has.

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Why I pay PR people millions and millions

See, if you pay PR people millions and millions they’ll get you on lists like the Forbes Web Celeb 25.

I’m just joking about paying PR people to get me on lists like this. I don’t have money to pay PR people. Seriously there are a lot of people who are far more deserving of Web fame than me.

Like who?

Well, any list of Web celebs that doesn’t have Joe Hewitt on it isn’t a good one in my book. He wrote the iPhone app for Facebook.

The inventor of the Web isn’t on this list. Where’s Joel Spolsky? He has more readers than I do. Tim O’Reilly isn’t on this list. Neither is Mark Cuban (who just became a Facebook whale with 5,000 friends). Where’s the two guys who started Google? Or, heck, Ev Williams who funded Twitter? Loic Le Meur? He has a Web conference with 2,000 attendees and a video site that’s seeing 1,000 new videos a day. How about the YouTube team? Or the guy who did “Will it Blend?” Or Bre Petis of Make Magazine? Or Hugh Macleod? And Fake Steve Jobs? That’s fine, but where’s Uncov? They are just as biting as FSJ or Valleywag but they actually code so their insults have more teeth. Jay Smooth? I love that dude. Doc Searls? The three co-founders of BlogHer? Ethan Zuckerman and Rebecca MacKinnon, founders of Global Voices Online? Leo Laporte? (his radio shows and This Week in Tech are listened to by hundreds of thousands. John Dvorak?

OK, it’s almost 3 a.m. and I’m just getting started. There’s a LOT more people who deserve to be on such a list than me and that’s not just fake humility either.

I am honored, though. I just wish these lists were more inclusive. Who deserves to be on this list in your view?

Battelle’s prediction scorecard for 2007

I’ll be seeing John Battelle later this afternoon and will try to get him on video about how well his predictions for 2007 went (for the past few years I’ve enjoyed his predictions for the next year more than any other blogger/journalist).

Here, let’s do a little scorecard for John based on how well his predictions did this year.

1. Right. Microsoft bought aQuantive for $6 billion and bought a sliver of Facebook. Negative points for trying to predict that AOL would go public.

2. Wrong. I don’t remember anyone saying that Web 2.0 bubble has burst, just that there is one.

3. Right. YouTube now has its videos on Google’s main search engine. Look for “Martin Luther King” for instance and you see his “I have a dream” speech.

4. Right. Google’s video ads have just started getting going and are far from a home run.

5. Right. Yahoo did not regain its luster, but did replace the CEO.

6. Wrong. eBay hasn’t made major changes to its executive leadership.

7. Right. Amazon has continued kicking butt in the web service space. Negative points for saying that the market will punish it. If anything the market has been supportive.

8. Mostly wrong. Wallstrip was acquired. Several others are on the block. But haven’t seen major content moves unless I’m missing something. I think John should extend this prediction to 2008 because I know several media companies are getting ready to acquire content plays.

9. Neutral. I’m seeing a LOT more traffic moving to RSS, but that’s a trend that hasn’t hit advertising in a big way yet. New metrics are definitely coming out all the time, though, to help advertisers track usage on AJAX, video, and RSS-centric sites.

10. Right. My blog definitely needs a redesign now that we have Twitter, Facebook, streaming video, etc.

11. Right. Facebook screwed up the privacy/trust issue.

12. Right. Google has gotten heck in the mainstream media.

13. Right. Mobile finally arrived in the US market with the iPhone.

Damn, mostly right. It’ll be an interesting morning.