Kyte announces funding, new features

Kyte just announced a B-round of funding from Telefonica, Nokia, DoCoMo, Swisscom, Holtzbrinck and DFJ of $15 million, adding on to an earlier round of $2.25 million. Whew, the video space is really heating up.

But more significant than the money is the distribution. Telefonica has 230 million users. DoCoMo has 52 million. Nokia has 39% of the cell phone market share. If the Kyte player is embedded on these three it brings a HUGE audience to Kyte.

Also, they showed me a channel that rapper 50 Cent is doing. It has, within a few weeks, passed my channel to gain the #1 spot on Kyte. More celebrity deals are in the offing, CEO Daniel Graf told me. They also shipped a new iPhone version and demonstrated an even more feature rich version coming in January.

Kyte also has an API so that partners can integrate its technology into their own sites and my favorite new feature is that now you can produce video from the player itself without going over to Kyte.

How did he announce it? In a live video conference on Kyte, of course. We cover the new funding and the new feature set there. I did a separate video over on my streaming channel with my cell phone first because that let me do it live and streaming. Graf told me they are working on a streaming feature like Qik has.

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