Google is taking over the mobile world

Tonight was updated for iPhone. I film a little demo on Seesmic. TechCrunch broke the news as far as I can tell (Google Reader is getting damn fast at bringing me everyone’s blogs).

Anyway, this is yet more reasons I’ll be using Google on mobile phones.

I’m even ready to eat my words about Android since Verizon announced they’d be supporting Google’s new mobile OS.

And have you tried the new “My Location” feature on Google’s mobile maps? That rocks — I’ve used it dozens of times over the past week and it makes using Google Maps on a cell phone a LOT more useful.

Is anyone else getting you to use its services on mobile phones?

Oh, Sean Percival says “I like it” on his Seesmic video about the iPhone.

UPDATE: MG Siegler has a more complete review, which talks about the new auto suggesting feature which does, indeed, rock.

UPDATE2: David Jacobs says “holy crap” and “it’s amazing.”



SmugMug gave me a preview of its new photosharing site that’ll turn on on Friday. They swore me to secrecy. But one thing they did to me is brand a new term into my head: mugnormous. You’ll see what that means when you hear about their new site, but wow. For my cameras they compared their site to a bunch of others and all I can think about is “I’m switching my images to Smugmug.”

Oh, and they have a little fun party on Friday at their headquarters to celebrate their fifth anniversary.

One last thing. This is a weird company. First of all, they are profitable. Second of all they don’t accept advertising. Third of all, they let dogs hang out. Fourth of all they’ve never taken (or needed) any investment. Fifth of all they are growing at a good clip (getting mugnormous, even). Sixth they charge their customers to use their service. Seventh, there’s a photo of one of the founders riding a motorcycle almost naked.

Who let this company survive in Silicon Valley? Heh! Certainly an antidote to that bubble video — here’s Smugmug’s co-founder Don MacAskill as he, and his team watch that video for the first time.

It’s always great meeting companies that break the rules and succeed. Mugnormous indeed.

Oh, and they have a little tool that lets you quickly move your images from other photo sharing sites onto SmugMug. What do they call it? Smugglr. This company has a mugnormous sense of humor, so refreshing to see.

AMD shows future of the press conference

I just attended an AMD press conference virtually. It was really boring for a few minutes. Lots of PowerPoint slides. Stuff that bores me to tears.

But then they did two things.

1. They turned on a video camera in their offices so we could see the people on the other side of the call (and the very cool new laptop technology they were showing off).
2. They took us off mute and asked “any questions?”

Now THAT is how you get press and blogger types to pay attention to a press call! I said to myself “damn, what a difference between a professional PR team at a huge old-school company and the one that Facebook has.”

It’s amazing that a processor company gets how to use video (the camera was handheld by one of the participants, which accentuated its authenticity. No expensive camera crew. No makeup. No lights. No controlling PR team trying to make sure that only “nice” questions get asked. Just some geeks in an office showing off the new laptop technology they had developed).

Damn, CES is starting to look interesting (this was a call to show off stuff that’ll be demoed at CES and to give the press a little preview). Brandee Barker (she runs PR for Facebook), you should go over to AMD and study how they did it. Kudos AMD!