New Google Reader “friends” feature sucks…

Beware of adding tons of friends in the new Google Reader/Google Talk combo.

I’ve added dozens of friends tonight (thanks everyone, keep them coming) and the problem?

Google Reader now is bringing me TONS of duplicates from people. This clutters my all items feed and keeps me from finding new, original items.

So, I’m hiding everyone until further notice so that their feeds don’t clutter my news reader up.

I’ll let you know when they fix this “feature” but it needs to go back to the drawing board.


The idiots laughing beside you

I was having a lot of trouble getting what Steve Gillmor meant by “gestures,” which he says are what comes after “attention.”

That was until he got to this line: “Why do we like comedies at the movie houseā€“to enjoy the laughter of the idiots next to us.”

What the heck is he talking about?

Yet another form of metadata about things that we can use to build new systems like a future TechMeme.

Gillmor is the guy behind NewsGang and gestures are how things get onto its “Active” page.

I still don’t quite understand Gillmor. Do you?

The first Twitter/Facebook/Seesmic/Kyte business card?

Hmmm, is this the first Twitter business card? The first Kyte business card? The first Seesmic business card? Heheh.

Thanks to Hugh Macleod, my favorite London artist.

What does the other side say? “You’ve been Microscobleized.” All in honor of creating my global microbrand.

Oh, and that’s Ben Metcalfe’s face.

Update: Frans says he’s had Twitter on his business card since February.