John Battelle on 2007 predictions

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He runs Federated Media, which is the advertising agency to many of the world’s top bloggers. He runs the Web 2.0 summit. He wrote a famous book about Google. He started the Industry Standard. And has done a few other things. Blogs here.

I visited earlier this week and met him for a fun conversation. Topic? His annual predictions for the tech industry which are pretty darn accurate.

We also talk about Federated Media and advertising trends for blogs.

Great conversation, if you’re a blogger who fancies making money with your blogging (or other media, for that matter) you’ll want to listen to this one.

Regarding the cell phone comment, I’ve been playing with putting my interviews live via my cell phone on Qik, but here it didn’t work very well because the cell phone service sucks where Federated Media’s offices are.

Federated Media does the advertising for Boing Boing, TechCrunch, Dooce, and many other popular bloggers and media developers.