Cranky geeks is up — where are you going to buy your iPhone?

Yeah, the Cranky Geeks episode is up from today. John Dvorak is a hoot. Congrats to him for getting hired as a VP at PodShow, too. Anyway, of course we talked about the iPhone. What else is there to talk about?

Speaking of iPhone, I find I need to escape the Bay Area to try to get away from iPhone hype. This weekend I’ll be down in Cabo speaking to a bunch of PR professionals (Monday is the opening of Apple’s developer conference and almost everyone else who’s in the press is going to try to get a look at the iPhone).

At the end of the month I’ll be speaking at the Utah Blogger Conference. But, really, you’ll find me in line at the Salt Lake City Apple store.

Where are you going to buy your iPhone?


TechMeme, not quite Google News

TechMeme really wants to be Google News, it seems. I see less and less blogs on TechMeme lately and more and more “professional news.”

The problem with that shift is that Google News already does “professional news” a lot better than TechMeme. For instance, do you find a single story about Sun Microsystems’ new blade servers on TechMeme? No. But you find 23 (and more coming every minute) over on Google News.

The problem with Google News is that it doesn’t recognize single bloggers, but only teams. And I don’t see any video yet on Google News (I have the only video I’ve seen of the press conference so far).

But, this shows you that there still isn’t one place you can go to get all the tech news that’s happening in the world today. That’s yet another reason I read so many feeds. Someone will bring me the important news, I just have to dig for it.

Anyway, today I’ll be on Cranky Geeks. So, consider this my cranky geek rant of the day. 🙂