Is social media making us ill?

Interesting conversation over on Stowe Boyd’s blog about Linda Stone’s points about Continuous Partial Attention. She says something interesting: that being in a continuous partial attention state all the time is making us ill. I believe it. I started working out about a week ago for the first time. You’ll probably notice me doing less and less online as I try to bring my health up (and catch up on email).

In response I’m offline for the next few days. Maryam and I are going to Cabo to speak to a PRSA meeting down there. Be back on Wednesday. Looking forward to being offline.

As to Flickr, what’s up with taking Violet Blue’s photos down?

Want a distraction? Last night I had dinner with Loic Le Meur, who is moving to San Francisco from Paris with his family and he filmed a video interview of me. I talk some smack back to Jason Calacanis. Hi Jason!

Anyway, have fun, see ya on Wednesday — if Akismet’s comment spam filter catches your comment, I probably won’t be able to approve it until then. I’ll be off cell phone too. Staying at the Westin.