When should I give a company a second chance?

My son with Plaxo executives John McCrea, VP of marketing, and Todd Masonis, VP of products and co-founder (middle)

I’ll be honest, I last tried Plaxo a couple of years ago. I hated the service. Yet another way to be bugged by people into joining yet another social service. And worse everytime I added someone to my Outlook contact Plaxo bugged them with an email to join up and keep their contact info up to date. I quickly uninstalled and didn’t try the service again. But I met someone who works at Plaxo at a recent Silicon Valley party and he said “everything has changed you should come back out and see what we’re up to.”

So, today, I did.

They are coming out with a new set of services on Monday. All I can say is “wow.”

I quickly signed on. I can’t say more until Monday, but Plaxo is definitely added back onto my set of services that I’m going to regularly use.

I’m glad I gave Plaxo a second chance.

By the way, the picture above is of my son with John McCrea, VP of marketing, and Todd Masonis, VP of Products and co-founder of Plaxo (middle).

Plaxo sign in their lobby.