Not yet on TechCrunch: killer video search engine (ClipBlast)

I’ve been looking for a great video search engine that includes all the videos that I’ve done. I’ve been to Dabble, Blinkx, YouTube, MeeVee, Truveo, and others. None have all my videos with the latest videos represented. Dabble is pretty close, actually, but Clipblast really blew them all away. Visit Clipblast and search on my last name, or on a topic you know I’ve covered like “Google Reader” to find the videos I’ve done of the Google Reader team. It’s really great.

I just learned about it from Gary Baker, Founder/CEO who is sitting next to me (I put a short video of him up on my Kyte channel, although that was a bit choppy because the Wifi sucks here).

Anyway, here’s the highlights.

1. Their engine has been spidering the video world for 3.5 years.
2. Three million professionally-done video clips with five million additional of user generated clips.
3. The current interface on Clipblast went live in April.

They also crawl engines like YouTube and MySpace and Daily Motion. Blip, Veoh, Brightcove, etc. are all crawled for their latest video.

Stuff they are strong on, according to Gary:

1. News video from local, national, international sources.
2. Video podcasting and video blogging
3. Newspapers that are putting video out, like New York Times and Los Angeles Times.
4. Commercials.

“Our ultimate goal is to get viewers and more views to the video.”

I’ll try it out more, but on a few minutes first look it really is great. What do you think?

Personally this is one I was happy to see before Mike Arrington and the TechCrunch crew. I have a feeling Mike will write about this pretty soon. 🙂


Video comments? Dennis figured out I left the channel open

It’s fun to watch as other people figure out that I left my channel wide open for YOU to upload your own video. Click on “Produce on this Channel.” Then drag the webcam over to the video. You’ll see yourself (if you have a camera on your computer). Then hit record and have fun!

I’m back off to Supernova conference and will video some people there and see what happens as you all play with my channel. Love Dennis Hamilton’s comment “I’m not self conscious, not at all!” Heheh.

UPDATE: in the meantime Brian Solis is broadcasting live from Supernova. In fact, there’s a ton of live streaming going on here. is broadcasting. So is and I guess the future will be videoed!

UPDATE2: a videographer from NBC news just left a video message on my Kyte channel. This is just a wacky world.