Techcrunch sells out party in 45 minutes

Think TechCrunch isn’t being watched? They sold 300 tickets to their next party in 45 minutes. Think that TechCrunch 20 isn’t going to sell out either? Don’t bet against it. I just hope that our son arrives early so I can drop in on the conference and show him off.

Christian’s blog on future of education inspires

Thanks Christian Long for a great blog. It continues to bring inspiring things to my life. Like the story about Emerald Russell, who shows that one person can indeed change the world. Or the Billy Joel mashup that shows that YouTube and popular music can be used to teach history. Oh, and yes Christian, I do want an iPhone too although I don’t want to give up the camera in this Nokia N95.

Google executive helps catch shooter

Google executive Chris Saaca just helped identify a shooter. The shooting happened right outside his San Francisco apartment. I had dinner with Chris a few weeks ago and he told me about seeing the aftermath of a pedestrian getting hit (not a story I wish to repeat, it wasn’t pretty). Darn a lot happens outside Chris’ window!

His accounting of what happened is among the best blog writing I’ve ever read. Amazingly detailed and gripping writing. Thanks Chris for doing your duty and for telling us about it.