I love Dawn…


Dawn Douglass enters the conversation with another cartoon and a blog post. She suggests ignoring people who bring untruths to the Web. Oh, I wish that were so easy! But it’s so easy for these people to build audiences with search engines and whatnot anyway. So, don’t quite think that’s a good answer either. Letting lies hang out there unchallenged just means that some people will believe they are true. I don’t have the answers, though. Wish I did.


Too accessible:

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No, I still don’t do LinkedIn or Plaxo and I rarely use Skype anymore. I’m going to Plaxo on Tuesday to look at a new version coming out. But LinkedIn is close to getting me back. Damn, it seems like everyone in the world wants me to join it. I try to ignore these things, I really do.

Any others I should be on?