What’s up with the picture on the last post?

That’s Kevin. He’s one of the first investors in Facebook. He isn’t lame.

I just wanted to put his picture on my blog because it seems that everyone is talking about Facebook lately. It came up several times today in the session I moderated at the Virtual Goods Summit. More on that later, though. Gotta go Photowalking first.


Scoble, your blog is lame lately

one of main investors in Facebook

I just got an email that told me my blog is lame lately and that I haven’t been updating it the way I should.

The emailer is right.

But I’ve been doing research and building relationships and hanging out at conferences. Shoot me. If my blog is lame, go read TechMeme. There’s lots of bloggers taking up the slack here.

Anyway, here’s some things I’ve been doing.

1. Loading more videos into ScobleShow. Just this week there’s five new interviews. Some good stuff there, including a guy who started a social network and convinced 20% of the people in his town of Burlington, Vermont, to join in! (Interview was done from Google’s New York googleplex too) and a new presentation tool that makes far better PowerPoint presentations.
2. Spending a lot of time on Facebook. Researching the latest stuff takes time and adding 500 new contacts this week alone takes time.
3. Ignoring email. I have more than 1,000 emails. If you’ve sent me one, I am not answering it. This week at least. Sorry.
4. Trying to read feeds. I haven’t gotten to many feeds this week, but I still get to them as often as I can — in the past month I’ve shared more than 1,600 items.
5. Spoke at two different conferences, Supernova and Virtual Goods Summit.
6. Loaded new photos up on Flickr. Including one of Kevin, above. He’s one of the early investors in Facebook.
7. Spent some time on Twitter.
8. Spent some time on Jaiku.
9. Spent some time on Kyte.tv.
10. Went to three evening events this week.
11. Was interviewed by three media outlets.
12. Worked on a Fast Company column due today (not finished with that).
13. Going Photowalking tonight.

Add into that family and chores and stuff like that.

Anyway, yeah, I have focused a bit less on the blog lately. Come leave a video over on my Kyte channel and tell me how lame my blog has gotten lately. It might motivate me to write a killer post about how Facebook is ruining the world or something like that! 🙂