Dreamhost sucky

I have a guest here who’s site is down today (doesn’t want to be named). He can’t give a demo because they are hosted on Dreamhost and his site’s been down all day. I’ve been seeing a lot of nasty things on blogs about Dreamhost. Looking at Google’s Blogsearch for “Dreamhost” seems they’ve had some sort of security breach, among other issues. But this isn’t the first time I’ve heard nasty things about Dreamhost. It’s just amazing to me that anyone still uses them. Buyer beware and all that.


Nokia N95 continues to impress but GPS sucks on it

My Nokia N95 continues to impress. I took it out and shot some pictures at sunset. Can your camera phone make images like this one? Here’s my entire Flickr stream. I’m using Shozu to get images up to Flickr automatically from the phone.

Some other thoughts? I love my readers. They tend to let me know where I’ll hit trouble spots before I even know about them. Several people said the battery life and GPS sucks in the Nokia N95. My battery life has been fine, but then I charge it every night. I don’t think it’d survive more than two days without a charge. The GPS? Frustrating to use. You’ve gotta be outside and even then it takes several minutes to get a “fix.”

Since that’s one feature the iPhone doesn’t have, that tells me that Steve Jobs was probably smart in leaving GPS off of the iPhone.

But the camera in this thing is awesome. It even autofocuses and has a little LED flash, both features that the iPhone doesn’t have.

It’s the one reason why I’ll probably keep the N95. Having a cell phone camera that’s pretty good matters a LOT to me. But, to Maryam? Not at all. So she’ll probably end up with the iPhone cause she needs a new phone anyway.

Oh, and yesterday I was over at Adobe meeting with its new blogger/evangelist Ryan Stewart. I shot an image of a bunch of wires overhead and Kevin Devin wrote in the Flickr comments “Geek Porn.” Heheh.

Other things I’m running: Google’s Mobile Maps, which now includes traffic data for Silicon Valley. That really rocks. A lot more than the GPS in the phone (although I wish the GPS worked better and was hooked up with Google’s maps).

CRM for iGoogle demoed

It’s interesting to see all the companies who are trying to hook into iGoogle (Google’s personalized portal page). Here’s Etelos showing off how its “CRM for Google” works. Also in this demo is Etelos’ “Apps on a Plane” where they built a system that works totally offline. Real important for salespeople who’d use a CRM application. I also did an interview with Etelos’ CEO, Danny Kolke, who brings me up to date on what Etelos is trying to do for workers who want access to their data via a browser. Interesting stuff and shows off some of the changing trends behind how we’ll work together.

[podtech content=http://media1.podtech.net/media/2007/06/PID_011536/Podtech_Etelos_demo.flv&postURL=http://www.podtech.net/scobleshow/technology/1526/crm-for-google-apps-demoed&totalTime=621000&breadcrumb=5f289589fced4a3bb26fe98bee85c142]