Why don’t positive blogs outweigh negative ones?

Seshadri PV asks a good question: why don’t the more than 3,100 Microsoft employee blogs get more attention, on balance, than Mini-Microsoft?

Human nature. We like shit disturbers more than we like people who are calm, rational, nice, and who post code on their blogs.

It’s not a fair world. The deck is stacked against Microsoft. For the same reason I root against the NY Yankees. We wanna tear down the big guy.

I told a friend the other day the marketing challenge for a big company is to appear small and the challenge for a small company is to appear big.

It’s why a $250 camera worked wonders for Microsoft and why a $4,000 camera is working wonders for PodTech.


Web 2.0 logo generator, but where’s the stickr generator?

Generated Image

I found this over on Steve Rubel’s blog. It’s a Web 2.0 logo generator. Meant to be a parody. But I like it! Too bad you can’t order stickrs for your laptop there. But, no, then it’d have a business model. Can’t have that!

Believe it or not, there’s a company that actually sells that free swag that you can get for free by hanging out in San Francisco on Friday evenings. Or Mike Arrington’s shindigs.

I hear they are doing thousands of dollars in the stuff per month. Damn, I have about 80 T shirts — maybe I’ll sell them on eBay to raise funds for my Windows Vista supercomputer.

By the way, I’m collecting stickers for my new 17-inch Mac. Who has some good ones? Here’s the laptop stickr pool over on Flickr.

All the cool kids have stickrs. Except Patrick. He is such an Apple fan boy that he thinks that defiling an Apple product by putting a stickr on it is sacrilegious.