I thought Google was a search company…

Hmmm, I thought Google hired all the world’s smartest search-engine experts. Don’t they have a few PhD’s hanging out at Google? So, please explain these results as of 11:15 p.m. PST:

IceRocket, two links to the InformationWeek article about Google’s new business service offerings.
Sphere, 57 links
Ask.com, 33 links
Technorati, 9 links (and their numbering is off)
Google’s Blogsearch: zero links. <<– Google, your blog search is an embarrassment. It’s at the top of TechMeme right now (if you click on the options on TechMeme, you can turn on a search bar where you can click on blog searches around the Web).

UPDATE: Yahoo went even further and just turned off its blog search altogether and says “it’s retooling.”