The comics discover blogging

Here’s another blogging comic. This one, Being Five,┬áis about a kid who blogs using voice recognition software.


Cool audio from the community

You’ve seen what Digg can do for bringing the hotest news. Well, Nicolas Nguyen is on the phone from his home in Southern California and he’s showing me around his new site,

He started this to give small bands a better chance to get found. The problem is that the most popular audio files so far from around the net, as rated by his community, are ones from popular people.

I asked him if he’s worried about getting shut down by the RIAA (the music industry, who probably really hates sites like this one). He is. So, look for podcasting and other features to be added soon (the RIAA will have a problem seeing Kelly Clarkson on here, but not Dawn and Drew).

Neat site, though, and I support it.

He built it in Java and the backend is running on MySQL.