Iran president’s blog used to spread malware

I just read over on O’Reilly’s Linux blog that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadenijad has a blog but is spreading malware with it, albeit only to IP addresses that come from Israel. Amazing, but guarantees that Silicon Valley will continue gaining a steady stream of good developers and technical folks from Iran. The Iranian community here is quite large and very influential.

Update: turns out this story was false. Sorry for passing along a hoax.


Surprise of the month: Macs crash?

OK, I just purchased a Mac. A 17-inch MacBook Pro. I was forced into this by HD and wide-screen video formats. Windows Movie Maker doesn’t do it (it does on Windows Vista, but I can’t use beta software to run my business). Apple’s software does do HD today. I don’t even need to wait (there’s a reason why Microsoft’s Channel 9 and aren’t wide-screen or HD and it’s spelled Movie Maker). And, anyway, most of the video community here uses Macs (I learned a lot from watching Eddie and Ryanne edit their videos about FinalCut Pro). So, I’m going along for the ride. So, why am I posting this? Cause I just read about Dave Winer’s crashy experiences with his Mac.

Last week on the way home from Montana Ryanne was editing her video on her Mac. The app just suddenly disappeared from screen. In my book that’s called a crash. I found that to be very strange cause the hype on Macs is that they never crash. But, those commercials are so strong. The hype is so strong. That I believe that the Mac is perfect.

Ahhh, are the Mac faithful is Patrick Scoble ready for me getting a Mac? We’ll find out. Irina started calling him “lemming” because all he would do is talk about how cool Apple is all week. It does get tiresome, doesn’t it Irina? Maybe I’ll join Guy Kawasaki’s evangelistic hoardes. 🙂

Don’t worry, this post was typed on a Tablet PC. All is not lost for the Windows faithful.