Bad hosting day blog

How do you treat your customers when you let them down? DreamHost did about as good a job as I can imagine after they were down during a power outage that they couldn’t control. Read the comments where customers are coming back — corporate blogging done right. Thanks to Dylan Bennett for emailing me this.


Videoblogger jailed

A guy I know, Josh Wolf, was just thrown in jail for refusing to hand over some videotapes he made of a July 2005 demonstration in San Francisco. The San Francisco Chronicle has the details.

The government has scary powers and is using them. Interesting to watch this case evolve and see how Josh is using his blog to get word out to his friends. Josh, on his blog, writes that he is planning to appeal this case all the way. That’ll cost $10,000 to $15,000 in legal fees. Whew.

Road Trip!

Hey, there’s a road trip ahead. A group of videobloggers and Patrick and me are getting in a minivan on Thursday afternoon and we’re gonna drive from San Francisco to Emigrant, Montana. Stops in Sacramento, Reno, Salt Lake City, Jackson Hole are on the schedule.

Anywhere else we should stop? Want us to come and visit you? You’ll be famous. Or something. Your video will be on the Internets. If the tubes remain unclogged. Maybe if we’re really lucky we’ll get on Valleywag.

Maybe we should do the “Valleywag Tour of Famous Datacenters in the Middle of Nowhere, USA”. This entry on Valleywag about Google’s new fantastic┬ádatacenter gave me that idea. Maybe Sergey and Larry could fly their plane up to give us a tour?