Hot “truck-on-truck video” at Off the Grid

Yes Tanja Andrews, Off the Grid brought us lots of hot truck-on-truck video action too! Heheh.

To understand what I’m talking about you gotta watch the videos they shot for their fun show, Freshtopia (which is usually about healthy and sustainable living).

First video is just mostly scenery from Off the Grid.

Second video talks about dna-mutating hotdogs. Oh, more accurately, Udo, talking about such (he came all the way from Germany to Off-the-Grid).


Friday night in front of the Google TV

Our TV isn’t working (the painters moved it and I need to reconnect it, plus we don’t have TV yet so don’t have anything to watch anyway). So, Patrick had an idea: he’d show me all the cool videos he’s found on the Internet (he has time to do such).

He showed me one awesome video, Ryan vs. Dorkman, and I asked him how he found that. He said that one day he was just thinking about StarWars and went to Google Video and searched on lightsabre fight. Not looking for anything particular, he said. He was so impressed with Ryan vs. Dorkman that he did another Google search (this time on the main search engine) and found this blog post by Michael Frist (who is the guy who did that clip).

I asked Patrick “why Google video and not YouTube or” He said that Google had more light sabre videos than the other video services.

I said “that’s pretty impressive, Patrick, let’s go watch some Ze Frank.”

Which we did, laughed a lot, and now are trolling for other video.

Ahh, it’s nice having a 12-year-old and no TV to watch.

Of course, I had to do this to Patrick. I went to Google video. Searched on lame video. And showed him the fifth video titled “Mac’s are Bad.” Heheh.

What you watching on your Google TV? What’s your favorite search on Google video to find cool videos? Here’s one: search for “cool car” and you’ll find some cool videos with cars in them.