Reverse Engineering TechMeme

OK, OK, since everyone has figured out that you can get on TechMeme by talking ABOUT TechMeme (even better if you attack A-list bloggers) I figured I’d just take my late night and reverse engineer TechMeme.

Two videos. Long, boring, videos that no one will watch. Well, Gabe Rivera, founder of TechMeme, will watch them. Hopefully I don’t have to run a ton of corrections in the morning. Enjoy.

Reverse Engineering Techmeme, Part I
Reverse Engineering Techmeme, Part II

Oh, and I gotta admit that TechMeme is kicking my behind. I’m reading more than 900 feeds and TechMeme usually picks stuff I would have picked to put on my link blog and does it 24 hours a day and a lot faster than I can. There are some exceptions, which I talk about on the end of part II.

I used Seesmic, Loic Le Meur’s new video service to do these. I’m playing around with that and trying to understand the difference between that and and YouTube and all these newfangled video communities springing up.

In the videos I explain why TechCrunch will get to the top of TechMeme even though no one is linking to it. I also explain how to “game” TechMeme (and, how my son Milan helped me game it without me even knowing I was gaming it). I also cover how PR firms get their client’s products onto Techmeme (and how you can do the same thing).

Also, why certain things keep showing up on TechMeme over and over again.