I’m sorry Maryam…

Tomorrow morning some Silicon Valley gossip Web site is going to report that I was “up late with” and “had my hands all over” VinVin. It’s a scandal that’s going to cross international borders. He’s a French guy who just moved to San Francisco. He’s the new VP of content at Seesmic and wears a wonderful scarf. Really hot, if you ask me!

I don’t know what I’ll do when Maryam reads that in the morning…

Welcome to America.

Oh, and I wasn’t considered for the job. Loic wanted someone who could do “high quality” videos. 🙂



The last couple of days have been interesting.

Thursday ended with an interesting dinner with Google’s PR team and my old boss, Vic Gundotra, who now is an executive at Google.

At the dinner he announced that Google was “gearing up” for releasing a raft of open technologies which would be gifted to Web developers. Much like Google Gears is. Dan Farber was at the dinner too and wrote up a lengthy post on the details and what this all means.

But, this post isn’t named “Micromedia” for nothing.

Here’s a bunch of short videos (since so many of you claim you like short videos) for you to watch.

Earlier this week we went to the CTIA show and met several cool companies (many more to come next week, these are just the first three).

1. Utterz. I tried to hate it at first. Do we really need something else to come along that looks like a blog but that lets you call your blog with your cell phone and leave some audio there? Do we need another Twitter competitor? Turns out we do, and I underestimated this service. Eric Rice slapped me over on Twitter several times for that. I redeemed myself by interviewing one of Utterz’ founders. I’ll call Utterz a “micromedia community service” for now until I have a chance to drink some great wine and come up with a better name. Five minutes long.
2. I get too focused on Silicon Valley’s tech hipness, but Edioma has a fun service that helps Spanish-speaking people learn English. Larry Upton, an executive there, tells me why that matters and gives me a demo. Five minutes.
3. I’m preparing to go to Paris in December with Milan and Maryam for the LeWeb3 Conference. So, anyone who shows me cool travel services will catch my attention. WorldMate is such a service and Eyran Blumberg, VP there, showed me how the service might help me out on my travels. Seven minutes long.

But those are my official “ScobleShow” things. How about over on my Kyte.tv channel?

1. Milan Scoble smiling at his older half brother Patrick. Hey, that brightens my day, hope it does you too.
2. Facebook, on November 6, will announce Social Ads — the AllFacebook Blog has the details. Here’s my thoughts on what those will be.
3. Last night, after I picked Patrick up in Santa Rosa (Patrick lives with his mom up in Petaluma, which is across the Golden Gate Bridge) we talked about what we were going to do on the way home: pick up our copy of Leopard.
4. Patrick celebrates getting to level 70 in World of Warcraft. I have no idea what he is saying anymore. I need a parent’s guide to WoW.
5. Here’s what it looks like inside the San Francisco Apple Store last night buying Leopard. Of course getting INTO the Apple store should have counted for hazard pay — we had to cross through thousands of bicycle riders who were doing the usual “Critical Mass” protest against cars by riding their bikes through traffic and generally causing mayhem.
6. At the Apple store last night Loic Le Meur was there too (founder of Seesmic). So I get him on video inside the Apple store.

All those videos were done using my Nokia N95 cell phone. I love that thing and Kyte.tv’s service, because I can get video to you within minutes of me filming it.

Anyway, after we got home we switched to Seesmic and installed Leopard.

1. Loading OSX Leopard. “Goodbye Tiger,” Patrick says. We also talked about how we met Lynn Fox, director of PR at Apple.
2. Leopard almost finished installing (it took Patrick about 45 minutes).
3. Patrick’s first boot into Leopard.
4. “A reflection on the freaking dock,” Patrick says in his first impression of Leopard.
5. A really cool feature is Webclips. You can highlight a piece of a Web page and then make a widget out of it. Patrick demonstrates. Milan cries. Heh.
6. @geraldb28 Twittered us last night and said “wannt do some screen sharing?” This video is what resulted.

What’s really fun is that on Seesmic, Utterz, and Kyte there’s TONS of micromedia being produced.

Will anyone watch? Wrong question: for most of this it’s about the conversation that happens and the communication we can do with each other.

I got a TV station in my pocket. What are you going to do with yours?