Proximic does better than Google at contextual info delivery

BREAKING NEWS: You know how Google Adsense works? On blogs or web pages? It looks for keywords used and then delivers ads.

Or, you know those “related links” things that are showing up on various blogs and news pages? They are generated the same way.

But Proximic just shipped a much better system than the ones I’ve seen from Google and other players.

Here it is. This isn’t a lightweight Web 2.0 company, it was under development for five years.

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TechMeme list heralds death of blogging?

I was just looking at the TechMeme Top 100 List and noticed that it has very few bloggers on it — I can only see about 12 real blogs on that list. Blogging being defined as “single voice of a person.” Most of the things on the list are now done by teams of journalists — that isn’t blogging anymore in my book. TechCrunch just hired a professional journalist which is sort of funny cause when I started blogging I never expected blogging to become a business, just a way to share what was going on in my life.

But there’s a bigger trend I’m seeing: people who used to enjoy blogging their lives are now moving to Twitter. Andrew Parker punctuates that trend with a post “Twitter is ruining my blogging.” I find that to be the case too and when I talked about this on Twitter a raft of people chimed in and agreed that they are blogging a lot less now that Twitter is here.

Personally the list business is just lame anyway. When I consult with companies I tell them to forget about the “A list” and go for people who are passionate about their products. Word gets around when you’re talking with your customers in a new way anyway. It’s one reason why I am watching 5,900 Twitterers. That’s MY “A list.” Why don’t you join? I automatically follow anyone following me now.

UPDATED: Gabe Rivera just released the TechMeme Top 100 list and explains it.

Dave Winer’s Flickr box

At Dave Winer’s house he has a Mac Mini. On it he has a service running that displays Flickr photos from his friends.

Now that I’ve gone overboard taking photos (more than 40 gigs worth in about 16 days) I’ve started thinking about Dave’s system. Result? I’m editing a LOT more now and only putting up my very best shots.

Oh, I want a Flickr box. I have Apple TV but can’t see a way to subscribe to my friends’ Flickr/Zoomr/Smugmug/Facebook photos. Damn, if it could do JUST that I’d be evangelizing it to everyone.

Oh #2, I just tried to find a link to Dave’s description of what his service does and I couldn’t find it. Dave, can you leave it here in my comments and I’ll add it to the post tomorrow.

Oh #3: thanks to Bubba Murarka for taking me to the best Thai and best ice cream in San Francisco (on the photos you’ll see where that is).

Oh #4: Photowalking tomorrow!