Tracking the fires…

There’s a ton of chatter on Twitter about the fires. One thing that caught my attention is the scope of the fires. This Google Map mashup demonstrates how many places are burning.

Rodney Rumford’s Facebook Reviews site is down because of the fires too.

More on Google News.

My thoughts are with everyone affected.


Lunch 2.0 at Oracle (CTIA gadgets coming tonight)

I love the Lunch 2.0 movement. Every few days there’s a different Lunch 2.0 event around the world. Today was one at Oracle’s headquarters. These are great events to network at and see some new stuff (Oracle was showing off how it is Web 2.0-izing some of its Enterprise-focused stuff and privately I got a demo of how Oracle is building its own internal social network which is very cool).

Anyway, here’s some quick videos I shot at the lunch.

1. Matt Galligan told me about his company, Socialthing, which will aggregate all sorts of friends networks. Alpha coming later in October, public release expected later this year. He called it a “digital life manager” and compared it to Jaiku.
2. Justin Kestelyn gave me a little tidbit of why Oracle was hosting Lunch 2.0. His blog with reports on the event is here.
3. Dominik Grolimund of shows me this very cool Peer-to-Peer online storage service. I’m going to try this one out. He’s visiting Silicon Valley from Switzerland.
4. Jeremiah Owyang just came back from Hong Kong and explains Cyworld’s homepi to us. Rich Mangalang, of Oracle, was showing us their internal social network (sort of like Facebook, but only for Oracle employees). He wasn’t able to demonstrate it on camera, unfortunately.

Everytime I go to a Lunch 2.0 event I meet interesting people and learn a lot. Why don’t you come next time?

Watch my Kyte channel tonight. I’m headed to the Showstoppers CTIA event where I’ll find you some cool mobile gadgets and post them up instantly as long as there is some bandwidth.

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