My rock star: Rocky

Rocky, the rock star

Rocky Barbanica does a lot more than just edit my videos and get them up. On Saturday night I found out he plays a mean guitar too. He was hosting a party for his wife and got up on stage and played with the band.

This wasn’t shot with my mondo-expensive Canon 5D. Instead I used the Nikon S51C pocket camera. Why? Built in wifi so I can upload photos without any cords.

Rocky’s an interesting guy. Was a software developer for a couple of decades before burning out and going to film school. How he ended up on my doorstep is a post worthy of Valleywag so we won’t go into it here. 🙂

Anyway, I really love what he’s doing with my show (he’s driving the Photowalking series further than I ever could and also is building me shorter versions of some of my longer shows, like the one with the doctor today).

Keep on rockin our world Rocky.

UPDATE: There’s another Photowalking tomorrow night near Golden Gate Bridge.


The Stanford IT doctor is in (this stuff could save your life)

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Why do I praise Seagate? Because they pay me to have conversations with smart people in the technology business. I pinch myself every day.

Here’s one example: Christopher Longhurst. He’s a doctor at Stanford’s Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital. He also works in the IT department there. Since our son was born there three weeks ago, and we got a close up look at the computers and other devices strewn through the hospital (free wifi!) I wanted to get the behind-the-scenes look.

The most interesting thing? Is just how many mistakes get made in hospitals and how information technology is being used to keep those errors from happening.

This 47 minute conversation is very interesting. Why? Well, he’s working with Google on a personal healthcare site. We cover a LOT of ground about technology trends inside the medical industry.

Thanks to Bryan Zug for hooking us up! Bryan is a guy you should know too. He does the video behind the Seattle Ignite events (which are really awesome) and is a developer who works on a variety of projects including a contract job with the hospital.

UPDATE: we cover the various “personal healthcare services like Microsoft HealthVault” at about minute 41 and also cover some of the fears of giving services like these your health care data. Don’t miss that part of the interview, especially around minute 44 where he explains what these new health services could do for you.

UPDATE2: Rocky did a short, seven-minute version where he pulled out the highlights of this conversation so if you don’t have 47 minutes, this one is for you.

A different kind of “Zune challenge”

Funny, the Zune team didn’t take me up on my Zune Challenge. I guess they don’t think it’s important to come on my show and explain why Zune is so cool.

Why funny? Because a company named “Zude” DID take me up on it and flew out last week to get an interview. It’s going to be my Demo of the Year. Damn, Zude is cool and it looks like they’ve solved their scalability problems. More on that later in the week. Zude is a site where you can build a new kind of Web experience (competes most directly with MySpace, but really is awesome).

Anyway, there’s a new “Zude challenge” that David Berlind started. He posted on his blog that he’d shave his head if Zune got enough market share to move into the #2 spot in media players. Microsoft is currently #4. Now Carm Lyman of Sandisk is getting into the challenge. SHE will shave her head if Zune moves up into Sandisk’s spot. Now THAT is confidence! Or something.