Facebook Sucks, Dave Winer says

Dave Winer wrote: Why Facebook Sucks.

Can’t say I disagree.

I think it sucks because it isn’t scalable and falls apart at 5,000 contacts. It pisses me off more and more every day because of that scaling wall.

Damn I wish I hadn’t locked my rolodex in this trunk.

Hanging out with the other 99%

It’s really great hanging out with people who you don’t really know. Last night I hung out with my neighbors and met many of them for the first time (we had a block party). Most of the people in my neighborhood are older. In their 60s and 70s. One of my neighbors is a “drug dealer.” His words, not mine. Works in the pharma industry and has visited 102 countries. Fascinating guy.

But it was interesting trying to explain what I do. “I have an Internet video show.” No, not a porn show. Heh!

Some of my neighbors couldn’t quite rap their heads around the fact that I could send video of them around the world from my cell phone. They had heard of Facebook or MySpace but I had to explain over and over how Kyte worked. They acted like they had met someone from the future.

Some of my neighbors also didn’t know what a blog was. I didn’t have the heart to try to explain what Twitter is or that they could talk with thousands of people all over the world on it.

I shouldn’t make all my neighbors sound like Luddites. They are very educated and well traveled people who’ve done interesting things with their lives but it’s interesting to see just how far ahead those of us who live in the tech echo chamber are. One common thing? They all have heard about Facebook and are wondering what they’d do on it. It really pisses me off I can’t add them to Facebook. So, I told them to sign up for Twitter instead and I’d answer their questions there.

Interesting that the New York Times is writing about the “older crowd” on Facebook as well. I love that they call us older users of Facebook “the creepies.” Heh.

So, what you doing to teach “the creepies” more about new technology?

Me? I love going up to people and explaining “I have a TV station in my pocket.” That always gets interesting looks.