Blogging’s first “unfiring?”

Well, you know how everyone talks about “unconferences,” right? Well, Nick Douglas is writing over at Valleywag again. Hey, I thought he got fired. I’m so confused. Next you’ll tell me that Sam Sethi and Loic Lemeur are working on CrunchTechEurope together. Or, that Andrew and Amanda are ReBooming.

Anyway, come on Nick, we all know what video is really good for, right? Wink, wink!
That’s right. Really long interviews with geeks! 🙂

Anyway, Nick is doing something over on Valleywag called “DiggBait.” Hmmm, the latest thing is if you can figure out how to get Digg to ban you then you’ll end up with more traffic than if you got on Digg’s home page. Why? Cause then all the other bloggers who can’t figure out how to get on Digg will link to you to make fun of the whole Digg meme.

I’m too lame to figure out how to get Digg to ban me, though, so Nick, you’ll need to work on this on your own time.

Seriously. If you want to get on Digg, just get a Digg tattoo or something like that. Particularly in a painful place on your body. That should do the trick.