The changing face of traffic (the car and truck kind)

We’re on our way home from Seattle (we are driving home from Oakland International Airport) and stuck in a traffic jam. All lanes of 92 are closed due to an accident. Major one, based on how many fire trucks and ambulances have passed us.

In past years one might turn on the radio. KGO and KCBS here in San Francisco area are two that come to mind. We did that (KCBS has traffic and weather every 10 minutes) but after a few of those reports said the same thing, I pulled out my laptop to answer some email and check on traffic. In Seattle the traffic sites are very accurate and even have good cameras where you can see what’s happening to traffic. San Francisco area is WAY behind Seattle in this regard. In Seattle I can even see where each bus is located and approximately how long it’ll be before it gets to my stop.

Now that more of us are getting portable phones that are Web enabled, we’ll expect even better services.

Who has the best traffic info sites, particularly for mobile phones? And what impact does that have on things like housing prices? I remember thinking in Bothell that having lots of alternate routes to the freeway was good and it did impact our decision on where to live.

Anyway, follow along and see if we get home anytime tonight. We’re stuck on the San Mateo bridge on HWY 92. SF Gate gave best traffic report. Others still don’t show the accident.

Oh, I do love having a Verizon Wireless card. Makes traffic jams a whole lot more productive. This is the first time I’ve setup office on a bridge, though.

UPDATE: we got home OK after being delayed about half an hour. Turns out we were a few hundred cars back, and it, indeed, was a bad accident. A car was destroyed the way you can destroy a piece of paper by crimpling it up in your hand. Sure hope it turns out OK for everyone inside.

UPDATE 2: this points to a new opportunity: a “news near me” URL. Put in “San Mateo Bridge” and mark that you only care about things that happened in the last hour and such a service would have pulled up all the latest stuff within 10 miles. I haven’t seen anyone do anything like that, have you?

What a fun wedding!

Scott Beale has the photos. I’m sure there’ll be more uploaded soon too. It seemed like there were 50 cameras there at one point. Anyway, what a wonderful evening. Congrats to the Pirillos! More on Pirillowedding tag. Heheh, Jeff Sandquist was playing “count the Canadians.” More than a few geeks had searched Google last night for “how to tie a tie.” You should have seen them, the geeks clean up nice! And, damn, neither Maryam nor I could recognize Julie Leung. Stunning.