Exclusive video look at new StumbleUpon video service (fun!)

Got two videos of StumbleUpon up. Its new video stumbling service is getting great reviews around blogs.

SF Gate
CenterNetworks: “From what I have seen so far, and from the screenshots below, Stumble Video might become more popular than StumbleUpon’s core service.”
About.com: “It couldn’t be easier.”
Marketing Pilgrim: “Overall, it’s a great feature and very much as addictive as the toolbar.”

Videos on ScobleShow:
Interview and demo of the new video Stumble Upon service. 17-minute video.
Demo of standard StumbleUpon service. Three-minute video.


Will it blend an iPod?

I love “Will it Blend?”

This CEO of a Blendtec puts weird things into his blender.

Today he put an iPod in there.

Yes, it blends! “That’s one smoking iPod.”

Blendtec is gonna have copycats. Seagate’s Rob Pait, who runs marketing for its consumer electronic storage devices, told me today that they are already working on a video where it tests its hard drives to weird things and sees if the hard drive survives (like a jackhammer, mountain biker, etc).

If you want to hear the story behind this highly successful YouTube video series, listen to Rocky Mountain Voices who interviews the guys who came up with the concept. Six million visits in five days.

First Look: Video Stumbleupon launches

Bored? Want to see cool new video? Check out the new Video Stumbleupon.

I’ll have a video with Garrett Camp and David Feller, of Stumbleupon up shortly on ScobleShow.

Stumbleupon Video pulls video from all sorts of services (mostly YouTube, MySpace, and Google Video) and brings you the coolest stuff.

They have 1.5 million people on the regular Stumbleupon, which I totally love.

Check it out. It wasn’t supposed to be up until 9:01 p.m., but it up now.

I bet this kind of video will be on the service soon. Damn YouTube is cool.

UPDATE: Andy Beal has a more in-depth first look.