Tips for pruning feeds

Oh, I so know what Rob Lagesse is after when he writes a post about Blog Pruning. He wants less stuff to take his attention. That’s why I started my link blog. For busy people here at PodTech who don’t want to subscribe to 300 feeds. I gesture toward the best stuff and put it on my link blog. So, unsubscribe from 300 feeds and subscribe to that one! 🙂


Blog tag games

Five things you don’t know about me? Thanks Andy Beal for “blog tagging me.”

1) I hate playing blog tag games. 🙂
2) If there’s something you don’t know about me you probably haven’t seen my wikipedia entry (I didn’t write a single word on that page and will never edit it personally).
3) My ex-wife is an eBay power seller but says she hates the tech world. Oh, wait, that’s not about me.
4) I just added my first gadget to Google Desktop.
5) I pick my nose when you aren’t looking.