First Google video advertiser?, I’ve learned, thanks to a phone call from Andy Plesser, who runs that tech-centric video blog, might be Google’s first video advertiser. They are splitting the $15 CPM (revenue per thousand downloads) 50/50. The ad is at the end of his latest videos.

Not everyone on Google Video will get advertising, by the way. They are hand picking video blogs to get advertising.

Congrats to Andy on being picked — it’ll be interesting to see how Google evolves its video advertising. Certainly this is a big deal for Google since they own both Google Video and YouTube.

In other Google news, the Wall Street Journal got bearish on Google and that got Internet Stock site “Seeking Alpha” to write about it.

Can you tell I’m doing my link/gesture blog? Heheh. I haven’t linked to the feed lately.

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Cisco dots the “i” on Apple

Ahh, it’s interesting that Cisco totally schooled Apple’s PR by doing the iPhone. Watch how it leaked from blogs onto the pages of other publications.

Blogging is corporate warfare. It’s amazing that Apple doesn’t have a way to talk to journalists and other influentials through blogs. Instead Cisco was able to use blogs to build massive knowledge up about its offerings. Apple could have killed that last week with a blog that simply said “we aren’t announcing any phone devices on Monday.”

By being silent Apple helped Cisco.

Watch other competitors use blogs against Apple in the coming years. This is corporate warfare. Blogging is where the street fighting is done. Apple’s absence from the street fight looks brilliant right now, but will it look brilliant in two years after competitors use blogs and other social media to position against Apple like Cisco did here?

UPDATE: I should have included that what prompted this post was that I heard on Ronn Owens show on KGO radio this morning that Apple was rumored to be coming out with an iPhone. Which just shows that news stories are built on blogs and moves to mainstream media.