John Dvorak is wrong again — this time about “death” of FrontPage

He says blogging killed FrontPage.

The thing that really killed FrontPage? Microsoft’s marketing team tested the name on a range of developers and Web designers/builders. They all derided it. The marketers learned there was no way they were going to be able to continue with the FrontPage brand. So they killed the brand.

Does the code live on? Yes. Sorta.

The Microsoft Expression Web product is really a continuation of FrontPage. But it’s been totally rebuilt. Why? Cause FrontPage had a reputation for changing code, for not respecting standards, and for forcing its own style on the development team. Those problems are all gone now.

You can see the new Expression Web demoed and meet the team in interviews on ScobleShow.

Anyway, it’s time to go get dressed for Chris and Ponzi’s wedding. I hear their vows will appear on Chris’ blog at about the same time that he and Ponzi are saying them to each other.

I’m not going to blog, but Jake Ludington and I were thinking about how we could stream video. We won’t know if that’s possible until we get to the place and see if there’s any good Wifi. Either way, you’ll get a report later.

UPDATE: there’s more over on Digg. The comments there are a good example of why I don’t get much value from Digg. Too much noise and very little knowledge.