I knew it, I’m too old

Marc Canter answered me back and said his new PeopleAggregator is “MySpace in a box.”

In my head I answered “why do I need that?”

Then it hit me. I’m not in high school anymore and I already have a blog and a video blog and a Twitter account which is the best social network I’ve ever seen.

That all said, though. I gotta go see Marc. Or, maybe I’ll just bribe Patrick to check it out and do a review since he’s soon gonna be 13 and gets all this cool new MySpace stuff better than I do.

One nice thing about having kids is they keep you up to date on the cool stuff.

Tomorrow we’ll be in the East Bay cause we’re interviewing Mary Hodder and getting a good look at Dabble. Cool media search and organization engine.


Web 2.0 personalities rated

Joe Lewis rates several Web 2.0 personalities. He says the new Rocketboom is better than the old, for instance (I like both for different reasons, but he reminded me to check out some more shows). Pays me a huge compliment. Appreciate that very much. I don’t see myself as a Web 2.0 personality, though, and I don’t call what I do “writing.”

To me it’s more like having a conversation. I listen, then I say something, then I listen some more (or avoid the bricks coming through the front window. Heheh). Nice list, though, for someone who’s just starting reading blogs today. I really just wanted to say thanks for the compliment. I’m still not feeling all that hot and it made my day.