Back from the Firefox party … Jeff Ubois on book scanning on Dave Winer’s RSS couch

Whew, what a day. I spent the whole day with Sam Sethi, who heads up TechCrunch UK. He showed me around the London software industry today and there’s a lot happening here.

Anyway, all that is for another day. I’m totally beat. Visited something like six pubs, walked and walked, visited two tech-heavy parties (ended up at the Firefox 2.0 launch party, where I gathered dozens of business cards that I’ll have to sort through after some sleep).

But, check out the interesting conversation I had with Jeff Ubois over on ScobleShow — the chat took place on Dave Winer’s new “RSS couch.” This is a much different kind of interview than I’ve had before — Maryam was just listening in and said it was one of my best. All about the impact of tech companies on libraries and book scanning and archiving of the world’s information. If you care about the storage and preservation of information, this is an 44-minute interview you’ll probably find valuable.

Jeff is a former co-chair of the Association of Moving Image Archivists’ Television Interest Group and is an expert about issues in digital file preservation and archiving.

Anyway, thanks to Hugh and Sam and everyone else who showed up (about 20 people met us at the statue).