A conversation with SAP’s Shai Agassi

The audio from my interview yesterday with Shai Agassi, one of seven people on SAP’s executive board, is now up on Podtech. Shai has a unique view of the world of business (SAP is used by most of the world’s biggest businesses) and we talk about the trends he’s seeing, along with a little bit about what SAP announced today at its TechEd developer confab.

It’s about six minutes long, so won’t take you a lot of time to get through.


Lunch 2.0


When Jeremiah at Hitachi Data Systems asked if I wanted to come to Lunch 2.0 I thought “oh, that’ll be fun, probably 10 geeks will show up.”

Well, I was wrong. More than 200 people showed up. Lots of photos here.

Great fun, I barely got to eat anything cause I was answering so many questions. Now back to work San Jose State University where I’m having a conversation about media and journalism.

New Nano from Apple

Apple just announced a new Nano, along with new exclusive games developed for it by Electronic Arts. $4.99 each download. So, now we see Apple has learned that casual gaming is a very profitable way to sell games (Xbox 360’s casual games have been selling like hotcakes).

I also heard on CNBC (Jim Goldman was sending text messages to the hosts from inside the Apple event) that Apple is releasing a new video device that’ll let you watch downloaded videos on your TV, I don’t know enough about that yet to comment, but it sounds interesting! Hmmm, see, Apple does get that there’s a new market now that HDTV screens are coming into the home. Oh, did you miss that Best Buy profits were way up last quarter? Almost wholly on the back of increased large/flat screen TV sales.

Good luck getting through to Engadget and other Apple-watching sites. I got through to Engadget’s minute-by-minute report, but only after trying several times.

UPDATE: I’m sitting in front of Hitachi Data Systems in Santa Clara. Listening to CNBC. Watching MacRumors Live. What a wacky way to get the news.

They just announced movies. And both TV shows and movies are now encoded at 640×480. The movies are selling for $9.99 to $14.99. I still don’t get why I wouldn’t just rent movies from NetFlix, especially since DVDs are better quality? I guess this is useful for travelers, and for people who have kids so they can load a laptop up with lots of Disney stuff and keep the kids busy in the back seat of the car.

iTunes 7 is shipping today.