Speaking of PR problems…Cisco traffic jam still causing conversations

The Cisco traffic jam continues to harm the reputations of Cisco party planners. I have a few friends who work at Cisco and they are — more than a week later — still livid about how their company handled their annual party. One worker there told me she was stuck in traffic for more than two hours and decided to simply turn around and go home.

So, what happened? Well, 11,000 Cisco employees were told to go to Shoreline for its company meeting. The thing is Shoreline isn’t designed for that kind of traffic inflow during rush hour. It messed up the commutes of many people, particularly those who work at Google.

But internally workers are still stewing. It’s amazing that they took an event that was supposed to generate postive morale but turned it into really negative feelings toward the company.

Lesson for other companies who are thinking of doing parties or corporate meetings? Get busses. Don’t schedule stuff like this for rush hour. Make sure there are plenty of traffic controls. Microsoft gives lots of incentives to take busses to its events in Seattle.

Ahh, the drama that goes on in Silicon Valley.

Almost makes me wonder why we didn’t have big parties at Shoreline on behalf of Microsoft?

Anyway, I wonder if the Del.icio.us party on October 3 in Sunnyvale will cause similar traffic jams? Probably more cause Del.icio.us is a cool way to bookmark your favorite stuff.