Zune vs. iPod comparisons

I just saw this list of Zune vs. iPod comparisons over on the Zune Insider Blog. I still don’t have enough data. But my son just bought an 80GB iPod. It’ll be interesting to try a Zune out.

Speaking of which, I’ll be up in Seattle on October 5 and 6th (I’m interviewing Steve Wozniak at the University of Washington) and I’d love to come up and interview the Zune team. Anyone interested up in Microsoft land showing off a Zune on video?


It’s angry week

Mooommmmmmyyyyyy! Ze Frank used a bad word. Says it’s “angry week.”

Dang, someone made Ze mad. Oh, Ze, I’ve been doing that myself. I made the entire IT industry mad. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have called IT people who block Skype bad names. Bad, Scoble, bad!

That was a vicious flame by Ze, though. It took me back to my first flame war. Back on Prodigy. Who else was on that service back in the 1980s?

Don’t know what a flamewar is? Wikipedia has a whole entry on it. Is there anything Wikipedia doesn’t know about?