Gearing up for the ScobleShow

Whew, I’ve been working non-stop on getting things together for my ScobleShow. So, I’ve been letting things hit the floor left and right. Including this blog.

I missed all the Zune stuff, for instance (does it include a podcasting client?)

The show is looking good, but I don’t yet know when it’ll launch. We’re within days, though, not weeks.

I’ll have a surprise guest at the house on Sunday I hear. Yes, Christopher Coulter is flying in. Yes, the guy who gives me lots of crud in my comments. It should be a good weekend of debating and other things.

Can’t wait to tell you more!


I’m sorry to Patricia Dunn

A CEO and reader of mine (not at HP, but who it was isn’t important cause her point is what matters here) wrote me this morning and said I was over the top to call Patricia Dunn a “cancer” on HP. She said that was a particularly hurtful comment given that Patricia has had cancer in the past. I’ve been thinking about it all day and I’ve decided that my reader is right. That was a hurtful comment. I didn’t know at the time that Patricia was a cancer survivor, but I should have stayed within the lines of good taste and I did not.

It’s not that I feel any differently about Patricia and the board’s actions over the past two weeks, though. Even after reading articles, like this one, in Fortune, which bend over backward to explain her actions. I’m very much in support of Russell Shaw at ZDNet, who asks why she’s still on the board.

But, I did play an awful card there, and for that I’m sorry.

Oh, and I heard Patricia on CNBC this morning (the business news media is still eating this story up, just like Christopher Coulter predicted it would) and she still isn’t understanding that the ends don’t justify the means.

In my being overly hurtful and personal with my words I demonstrated I didn’t understand that either.